About Us

Moss Free Alliance is a community of like-minded artists, craftspeople, educators, food producers, ranchers, thinkers and writers with three areas of focus — food, water and shelter.

Jeffrey Bradley

Born in New Mexico to native Texan parents, Jeff spent a good deal of his childhood growing up on the Brazos River where his father taught him how to fish, hunt and about local flora and fauna. He spent many years as a tradesman in the glazing industry and later earned an MFA in photography from the University of Houston, where his focus of study was post-modernism, in the visual image and in media. By critically studying the devolution into the current paradigm of disposable American culture, he decided to take action in launching the Moss Free Alliance. The vision is to create a means of countering the narrative of our disposable culture and to create a platform where anyone can learn about building communities centered around ideas of self-sufficiency and sustainability.