The Journey Begins

If you are looking to learn about living self-sufficiently and sustainably, then you have come to the right place. Moss Free Alliance is a community of like-minded artists, craftspeople, educators, food producers, ranchers, thinkers and writers.

Our goal: to create a sustainable, self-sufficient, profitable earthship and tiny home micro-community in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies that marries a “back to the land” spirit with technology.

Our vision: to scale this project to produce multiple micro-communities around the country under the banner of Moss Free Alliance in an effort to help others start their own sustainable and independent lifestyle journey.

As we set out to accomplish our goal and achieve our vision, we are focusing on three areas — food, water and shelter.

Together, we will learn how to garden, grow food, store food, build basic and advanced shelters, physically map out a community from scratch harvest rainwater and build greywater systems. Together, we will build a self-sufficient micro-community from the ground up that allows all of us to live free and independent lives, follow our passions and self-actualize.

We are creating a multi-year roadmap of Moss Free Alliance, which is set to release in April. The roadmap will include a timeline for land purchase and the welcoming of our first residents. Join us as we build our physical and online communities centered on shared values of sustainability and self-sufficiency!

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